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An animal communicator is a person who can understand an animal's feelings, pain and can "see" some of the animal's experiences. Communicating with an animal is a two way process, 
there is a sender and a receiver.

Being able to "talk" to animals is not just an ability possessed by a few people, it is one we are all born with. As children we could all "talk" to the animals and could understand them, but because of outside influences and beliefs most of us ignored these images. This is the type of gift that we must use and develop, much like drawing if we are to retain it. 
Some of us do retain this gift as we mature and we work to develop it so that it becomes stronger. 

If you love animals, then on some level you are already
engaged in animal communication. Animals do not generally "speak" with words but more often show a communicator images which convey feelings, attitudes and experiences. It can also include other sensations such as smell and taste. The communicator, in turn, can describe these images and sensations in words to owners so they can understand the
animals' feelings or troubles.

In the past anything having anything to do with a high degree of understanding of an animals' feelings was looked upon as being "odd". Even in this day and age to mention that someone can "talk" with animals is looked upon with suspicion, but it is becoming more widely 
accepted as the results are proving that a true communicator can help animals and owners in need. 


       A special Thank you to Tammie Cappuccio
      C Spots Miniature Horses for compiling some of the text on this page.